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When you were in college, you certainly wished you lived in a dorm when you checked out this porn website called Dare Dorm. The premise of the website involves college students submitting videos to the website then $1,000 gets awarded to the best one. Whether the videos are real or not is really up in the air. The important part is we can get to see college girls have some fun getting fucked in their asses while getting quite a great deal for it.

From the looks of their faces, they are not shy about letting the whole world know about the fun they are having. Dare Dorm has a lot to improve on though as they rarely update their website despite the demands from their fans.


You can do a lot of investigating on whether or not Dare Dorm has real videos or they were created by amateurs because some of the scenes feels staged. Sometimes, the participants don’t know what they are getting themselves into though. There are 103 videos here and each one has some caps. There are not much bonus sites here but the content of the movies are good.

For those who love college girls action and discounts, this is the place to be. The dorms pretty much look like what they used to look like when we were in college. It is just like reminiscing when those good old days were still happening. The amateur camera work is seen here and everyone is wondering whether everything is staged or not. The important thing here is the sex is good and everyone goes home happy especially the person who is watching the video. The videos last for almost an hour but they can only be streamed which means downloading it to your computer is not an option.

The average porn fan will certainly enjoy everything this website has to offer even though there is not much bonuses to see here. However, the sex is really what we are all after even though there are not much updates here. Dare Dorm certainly has people talking because the videos here should be viewed countless times in order to get enjoyed.