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College life in the past used to be uninteresting with a few parties here and there and hooking up with a bunch of beauties after they had gotten themselves drunk and in the mood.However,all these is totally different from the party that you are bound to attend on College Rules.

These guys have traveled all over the country in search of the most recent frat and society house parties, where horny college sluts get drunk and find themselves naked and being fucked during the party. You are given a front row seat to all these and all that is required of you is to sit back, relax and enjoy the hot and wet beer flooded action in style.


College Rules has 120 special scenes, with each scene having a full-length movie running for approximately thirty minutes and a number of picture galleries. The movies are available for viewing as a single full-length video or alternatively they can be divided into smaller clips. The smaller clips options are far much better though since they enable you to browse the entire movie and choose your most preferred scenes for viewing. The movies are remarkable and come in great DVD quality. They are also superbly clean and offer a clear picture that is also amazing even when viewed on full screen. For those that are using slower connections, the site has a few lower quality options that they will find helpful.

The picture galleries come with two options. The first being the regular pictures, which are not big in size, but are great and avail to you some content that is not found in the movies. The second option is the screenshots obtained directly from the movies. Their quality is not that great though, but they offer to you a fast and easier way to preview the movies in case you would prefer that. You will find a scene that has a group of sorority babes getting naked before going streaking. When they return to the house, one of them ends up with a dude’s dick inside her mouth while the rest of her colleagues cheer her on.

However, there are no downloads available, but the movies are fantastic and stream faster. It also has no bonus sites or content making it easier to view all that this site offers quickly. With its exclusive content, College Rules is good and will no doubt improve with time. Coupled with its very pocket friendly price range, it is definitely worth checking out.