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If I say “bunny” everyone thinks Playboy. It’s just one of those name brands that have a following and loyal audience. Hugh Hefner is a genius and still knows what men want to see. Playboy Plus is no exception. The magazine has set the standard for mens lifestyle for the past 50 years and now the website is setting the mark for class and style for the 21st century.


It only makes sense that the Rolls Royce of adult sites for men should be associated with the Playboy brand.

What I like about Playboy Plus is the exclusive access to the thousands of pics of the women who have graced the pages of the magazine. You get to see so much more of them at Playboy Plus. There have been so many amazing beautiful women in Playboy I could spend all day talking about them.

When you join this site you get access to the stills of the amazing women but you also get streaming and downloadable movies as well. There is even a section featuring celebrities. I had a great time watching some of the naked celebrities during their photo shoots and it really felt like I was getting to know them as they spoke. There were features from Lindsey Lohan, Shannon Doughtery and even one on Bo Derek.

Navigating Playboy Plus was really very simple. One of the features that is really nice is the “currently being viewed”. You can see what other users are watching and a lot of times you will run up on a video that you want to see yourself. The popularity of the video could help you decide on which one to watch. There are so many that it is hard to choose.

Currently there are over 4200 video sets and, if stills are your thing, over 5300 set of photos for you to cruise through and enjoy.

You also get exclusive content from the magazine itself. There are lifestyle articles, features, comedy, interviews and so much more. Playboy Plus is like getting the best of the magazine, all of the issues from the past 50 years, all rolled up into one amazing website.